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Perry  Steinhandler

Perry Steinhandler

Vice President

Perry Steinhandler is the Vice President of Steinhandler Wealth Advisors, and he's spent the last forty years turning his clients from strangers into family. By using conservative-money strategies focused on retirement planning and wealth preservation, Perry helps his clients create income streams to see them to and through their retirement years. 

Perry has been trained to always look ahead and be mindful of the impact his actions might have far into the future of his clients and their families.

Get to know Perry on a personal level. 

  1. I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 50 years, blessed with 2 kids and their spouses.
  2. We have 6 very loved grandchildren, 5 Boys, and Miss Ella.
  3. I'm at the gym by 6am most mornings, trying to get into the same shape as my son.
  4. I campaigned and had lunch with JFK prior to the 1960 presidential election.
  5. My prized possessions are a verified autographed baseball and a picture of Sandy Koufax.
  6. I hitchhiked through upstate NY and 3 Canadian provinces during college.
  7. My favorite food is Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish, or whatever my wife cooks. 
  8. My first job was door to door with my shoe shine kit.
  9. I worked 3 summers for the Chicago Cubs.
  10. A lifelong enjoyment of Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and reading.