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4 Challenges to Your Retirement That You Might Face
January 15, 2018

Ask ten different people about retirement planning, and you are likely to receive ten different viewpoints. However, there is one idea most of us seem to have in common: Nearly 80 percent of Americans believe they will face greater challenges in achieving financial security in retirement, as compared to the…

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Three Financial Goals to Accomplish in 2018
January 8, 2018

The new year has arrived, and many of you probably made some resolutions to accomplish certain changes in your life. As your financial advisors, we of course hope that you considered your finances when planning for those changes. Whether you know your situation needs a bit of work, or you’re…

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Financial Implications of Working Part Time After You Retire
December 18, 2017

Social Security can be one of the most complicated retirement planning topics. You might already know that the longer you wait to claim your benefits (up to age 70), the higher your monthly checks will be. On the other hand, claiming benefits before your “full retirement age” (as early as…

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The Time is Now to Think About Charitable Contributions
December 11, 2017

As December gets underway, you might be feeling both joyful and generous. Charitable organizations know this, and ramp up their solicitations at this time of year. Giving to charity can feel good and make a difference in the world, but it can also make a difference toward your tax liability…

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